Connecting those who need help with volunteers.

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Even a small amount of help at the right time can make a big difference.

We enable communication and support when practical assistance is needed.

Real Connections

So people get the support they need.

Real Connections already exist in our everyday lives, but when a time of difficulty arises it becomes a challenge to keep up. We take already existing connections to provide a Real People Network to provide practical assistance.

How Real People Network Works.

  • A caregiver will join the network.
  • The caregiver can make a selection from a list of common needs.
  • Contacts who have offered to help, will receive an invitation from the caregiver.
  • The contacts can see a list of what is needed to provide support.
  • The caregiver will benefit from open communication as the needs are being met.

Real People Network Will Provide

Time and space for open networking that will naturally drive a new digital platform for coordinating care.  

Initial goals:

  • Use technology to facilitate problem solving
  • Establish the connection
  • Understand the needs
  • Match those willing to help
  • Communicate and follow through that those needs are being met