How It Works

Real People Network Will Provide

Time and space for open networking that will naturally drive a new digital platform for coordinating care.

Our Goal For You

Improving the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction). 

After discharge from inpatient treatment, there is fear and anxiety about the next steps. If the patient feels like they can see a bridge, if the discharge team equips the caretaker with what the next steps are and they have some support it can make the patient more confident in the treatment team and discharge plan. 

Improving the health of populations. 

The goal is to keep the patient stable and to manage the next steps in life with all possible avenues, medication, housing, financial aid and support.

Reducing the per capita cost of health care. 

If the patient transitions successfully from the inpatient stay and is stable they will not need costly inpatient care in the future.

How It Works

  • A caregiver will join the network.
  • The caregiver can make a selection from a list of common needs.
  • The caregiver will provide a list of contacts that have offered to help.
  • The contacts can see a list of what is needed to provide support.
  • The contacts and caregiver will benefit from open communication as the needs are being met.